Photography lesson 1: wait for the light

I went to Kirribilli in North Sydney this evening to take a few Harbour Bridge/Opera House/Cityscape shots and just as I was about to pack up and leave this beautiful blue cast came across the sky and allowed me to capture the shot below. Lesson learned – wait at least 30-45mins after the sun has dipped below the horizon before you pack up and leave a site!


3 Comments on “Photography lesson 1: wait for the light

    • Hi Natalie,
      Thanks for the kind comment. I started off with the EOS 40D twin lens kit but am now using the 5D Mk II with various lenses – for landscape work I use the 17-40 f/4 L. How have you found the 350D so far? What lens(es) are you using?

      Hmmm in line with the post I think you need a lot of patience with night photography – espcially if you shoot outside of the ‘magic hour’ well in to the evening – your composition becomes even more important to make up for the loss of colour. What spots have you tried around Sydney so far? It’s hard to avoid the cliche shots like the SHB but then again it’s hard not to enjoy photographing them because they are such beautiful icons…

      The usual advice also that you should always be using a tripod for night photography, turn your mirror lockup on if you can and use a wireless or cable-operated trigger to avoid shaking the camera and give you sharper pictures…

      I guess it comes down to what you enjoy looking at – going by your website you seem to enjoy architectural, macro (plant, insect) and landscape photography?


  1. Hi Nick,

    I’ve had the EOS 350D for literally only a week, bought second hand from Ebay. So apart from playing around with it at home it hasn’t taken any serious photos yet. It has a twin lens combo (18-55mm & 55-200mm).

    It’s going for its first test run tomorrow night at the Sydney Vivid Light Festival.. which probably isn’t the smartest to try night photography with something I’m not familiar with yet. I’ve got a remote trigger and an Inca tripod. Have read about the Mirror lockup technique too, just have to figure out how to activate it.

    Yes, architecture is probably my favourite subject. I’m going to Shanghai in a few months to the World Expo, amazing architecture with the country pavillions there; as well as Art Deco style in the city & the new skyscrapers/ Oriental Pearl Tower. I wanted to upgrade from my 5.0mp 2005 model compact before then. It did have a 10X optical zoom on it though and took good photos. I’m kinda sad to part with it actually.

    Pending any major disasters I should have some shot attempts up on my blog on Sunday.


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