Humour in the Australian legal system

A Cottesloe man who admitted pulling down his pants and revealing all to girls at a bar in Murray Street copped a hammering from the Chief Magistrate in court yesterday.

The court was told Stewart sat down next to two women and pulled down his shorts to expose his penis.

The women were "disturbed and offended" by his actions and went to complain to the manager, who ejected Stewart from the bar.

Police had walked into the pub for another matter when the women raised the incident with them.

Prosecuting Sergeant Bob Morgan said a "heavily intoxicated" Stewart was later arrested near the intersection of Murray and William streets and refused to speak to police about the allegations.

In court yesterday, Stewart was at a loss to explain his actions to bemused Chief Magistrate Steven Heath, who labelled the man a "drunken idiot".

Stewart said he "roughly" agreed with the allegations and told the court the women he was talking to were "amused" by it, which sparked a furious retort from Mr Heath.

"They were that amused they went and told the manager and called the police," he said.

His next comments to the dumbfounded Stewart evoked several chuckles from those in the court room.

"They were probably laughing at the size of your appendage more than anything.

"They were laughing at you, not with you."

Mr Heath noted Stewart’s string of recent disorderly conduct offences and urged him to start attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.


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