It’s been a while…

…since my last post! Slack I know but we’ve been overseas, I’ve been building a new website at work, I had an assignment due and I’ve trying to improve my fitness – and yes I’m still trying to lower my cholesterol!

So here’s a rundown of what’s been happening:


Even though I’ve lived in Australia most of my life and travelled quite a bit, I’ve never been “across the ditch (Tasman)” to New Zealand – well at least up until early last month! We flew over with another couple in to Queenstown for a week of eating, skiing and sightseeing! If you’re thinking of going to NZ I can honestly say it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries on Earth – as soon as you hit the coast near Milford Sound the mountains shoot straight up to snow-capped peaks, then down in to beautiful green valleys and on to crystal clear lakes & rivers. Most of our time in Queenstown was spent skiing – so we only had two days off to sightsee and even then without the use of a car because yours truly lost the rental key somewhere in the Coronet Peak skifields!

We will definitely be going back to NZ – next time just to see the sights and take in a bit more of the culture. The shot below was taken on the way back from horse-riding near an area known simply as ‘Paradise’ near Glenorchy,


just around the corner from Queenstown and well worth a visit if you’re in that area. To view the photo album from NZ click here. I wish I would have had another three weeks in Queenstown – it is such a picturesque city – we didn’t even have enough time to visit Milford Sound, go bungee jumping, skydiving, jet-boating or go on a photo safari! We did however manage to eat extremely well and devour dessert on most occasions…

IMG_2564  Back in Australia and it’s just been one of those really busy periods really – I had an assignment due for Local Government & Planning which  I need to pass just to get in the exam room early next month, I’m finishing off the build of a new website that is just about to launch and I’ve been trying to get up more km’s on the bike to improve my fitness and also so that I might have a chance of keeping up with the Randwick Botany Cycle Club (RBCC) that I joined last year but have only just begun actively participating in by way of their daily training rides.


I purchased a Garmin Edge 500 cycle computer/GPS that tracks pretty much everything – ambient temperature, time, distance, elevation, heart rate, cadence etc… giving you an excellent picture of each and every training ride – for instance this ride yesterday up around the 3 gorges north of Sydney – 3,000 calories, 110km in 4hr46mins! I’m trying to do 5,000km by the end of the year (that’s goal #2, with #1 still being to lower my cholesterol)! It is quite a bit different riding in a group environment as opposed to on your own, there is an etiquette to bunch riding but one of the biggest differences is the energy that you can save by riding behind someone – i.e. in the slipstream. By some estimates the energy saving can be up to 33%. When I turned up for my first training ride with the group and advised that I was new someone said “that’s OK there’s only two rules – try to keep up and don’t run in to anyone!” Since July 24th I’ve ridden 385km so I’m well on my way to 5000km! The downside to increasing my km on the bike is increasing my food intake without increasing my cholesterol so watch this space to see how that goes…

Other stuff

The website for work should launch later this week, my assignment has been completed and submitted, so hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll have more time to update the blog, post new recipes & photos and just enjoy life!

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