It’s a sad day…

My baby (one of two), now all grown up, has left home. Not quite left – I sold her on eBay. She has gone to a good home just a few suburbs away and thankfully I still have my other baby (road bike). It was for the best though, we had many good times (Dirtworks Victoria & NSW, Capital Punishment, 8 1/4 hours of power and the list goes on…) and the occasional bad times (broken collarbone). I decided to sell her because she had sat unused (neglected) for the last few months whilst I focus on my road riding… *sobs uncontrollably*


2 Comments on “It’s a sad day…

  1. Look on the bright side Nick, at least with this Baby you can decide for yourself when it leaves the nest…

    Some of us parents don’t have that luxury. How would you feel if that bike hung around home on your couch, eating your food and complaining all the time, then refused to be sold until it was about 35 years old?

    • Hmm yes you make a good point Shane – makes me feel grateful I was able to do it so easily… however I do remember an english gentleman putting his wife up for sale on eBay – so there may be options when they hit 30 and are still eating you out of house and home! 😉

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