Melbourne et al

Yes i’ve been slack yet again… over a month since my last post and no legitimate excuse for my inactivity!

The picture above was taken on a recent trip down to Melbourne for the ‘Around the Bay in a Day’ bicycle ride to raise money for the Smith Family. This year they had a whopping 16,500 riders and raised just under three-quarters of a million dollars. This was the first year i’ve done the ride (Melbourne – Sorrento – Melbourne) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. That particular route is just under 200km and almost entirely flat (around 800m vertical gain) so isn’t too hard on the legs.

I have had a love/hate relationship with Apple computers over the past couple of years, with my iMac dying just out of its warranty period, so I went back to Windows until a couple of weeks ago when Apple launched the incredibly beautiful Macbook Air. I couldn’t resist so i’m writing this post from my new 13″ 2.13GHz 4GB RAM baby!

In terms of software the Apple can pretty much do everything that my Windows machine is able to just with a nicer interface, some good apps (iPhoto, iChat to name a couple) and in a much nicer body. One downside of using the Apple is that I can’t use Windows Live Writer which is what I use exclusively on the PC to update my blog – it is a brilliant piece of free software that Microsoft should make available for Macs – it would dominate the market. As a substitute i’m trying out ‘Blogo’ which so far seems OK but it is $30 vs free for WLW and doesn’t seem to give you a full WYSIWYG editor – but time will tell whether it is a viable competitor to WLW.

Other things that happened since my last post… nothing of note really – I rode in the Sydney to the Gong bike ride for the second time – the weather was perfect and it is a scenic ride down through the National Park and on to Wollongong – highly recommended!

Hopefully it won’t be as long between now and my next post.

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