Well it is Christmas after all…

A couple of weekends back I had the pleasure of volunteering at Help-Portrait in Sydney. Help-Portrait is a not for profit event that provides professional portraits to those less fortunate right around the globe. It is run entirely by volunteers and although only in its second year, there were 170 guests in Sydney alone! I had the pleasure of assisting Grace Tham (an amazing freelance photographer) and working with Adrian Sheppard (post production).

If anyone is considering volunteer work I can’t recommend Help-Portrait enough – it is such a rewarding and enjoyable experience and I will certainly be putting my name down for next year’s event. A special mention also to the organisers such as David Haysom and Cherelle Martin who sacrifice so much of their time to make the event such a success – thank you!!! 🙂

Inspired by the event and the quality of the photos that were produced on the day, along with my ‘20 in 2’ goals #12, #13, #17 and #19 i’ve decided to buy a second camera flash, some wireless transceivers, umbrellas and the like in the hope of improving the quality of the photos that I take (in conjunction with further education at the Australian Centre for Photography). Here is what is on order:

1x Canon 580EX II flash
2x PocketWizard FlexTT5
1x PocketWizard MiniTT1

And on the recommendation of Bryan @ the-digital-picture.com:

2x Photogenic 60” umbrellas
2x Manfrotto 1052BAC light stands
2x Manfrotto 026 swivel umbrella adapters
2x Stroboframe universal shoe mounts

But, as I’ve said to Grace, having all the technology in the world doesn’t make you a good photographer. It is not what tools you have, but how you use them and a great photographer would still produce fantastic images using a point & shoot just as they would using today’s top of the line DSLRs. With any luck i’ll be able to use my tools sufficiently well to produce some nice images (hopefully starting with a Christmas family portrait!).

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