Happy Australia Day!

…and i’m now officially a world record holder (along with 2067 other Aussies who participated in the havaianas thong challenge at Bondi Beach)! Last year Bondi was beaten by Cottesloe beach in Western Australia but this year we got our own back and beat them by just over 100 people to set a new World Record!! Wooooohooooooooooooo!

Got to Bondi around 10:30am and visibility was down to about 20m and for a period of time the beach was closed:


But it did clear up enough to attempt the record about 1hr past the scheduled time:


Water was warm, everyone was in good spirits and my little GoPro camera captured some of the action (slideshow here). All 2068 of us went in to the water and joined up to form a big letter ‘H’.


All in all a fantastic way to spend Australia Day and a good reminder that we are very lucky to live in the best country on Earth! What could be more Australian than floating on a giant thong at Bondi Beach? (although I am missing the green zinc on my face) Happy Australia Day!


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