Photograph a complete stranger: Danny

It’s hot in Sydney today – probably the hottest day of summer so far -  reaching 40 degrees C on the coast. Got up at 5am to do the usual Saturday morning ride up to Church Point (beautiful part of Sydney) and it must have been almost 30 degrees when I rolled out of bed. Needless to say lost a lot of fluid on the ride today and as I was coming back over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and down to a little underpass I rode past an elderly man who was extremely well dressed. He was just sitting there with some of his possessions on this ridiculously hot day watching the world go by. As I rode past him I thought “I’ve got to take a photo of that Gentleman!” so I rode on for another km or so contemplating what I would do and I knew I’d regret it later if I didn’t go back and get a photo of him so off I rode back to where he was and we just chatted for maybe 10 minutes – shooting the breeze – his name is Danny, he was born in Ireland and came out here to Australia with his brother 61 years ago. He worked for Australia Post for 30+ years. Such a dignified man – even though he seems to have fallen on hard times he just had such a great disposition – a real character – took pride in himself and his appearance. I asked him if he’d mind if I took a couple of pictures of him and he said he didn’t so I just off three quick shots from the iPhone (apologies about the quality). I’m glad I stopped and took the time to have a chat with Danny and it did make me think that a lot of us are just victims of circumstance and through no fault of our own can end up in a tough situation… At the end of the shoot I gave him some money for being a great subject and to help him out. He accepted it reluctantly and said “God Bless you. I hope you win the lottery!”

Danny, I hope you win the lottery mate and thanks for sharing a part of yourself.

Danny2 Danny

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