I’ve got the dreaded man-flu

Yep – had it for about a week now which has meant absolutely zero riding and trying to rest. Amazing how men can have broken bones, cuts, scrapes and other injuries without flinching but then when we get the man-flu it knocks us for six and we are literally bedridden – how does that work??

Anyway i’m not normally one to take any kind of medication unless it’s antibiotics (plenty of water and rest seems to cure everything else) but this time i’ve been using betadine anti-viral/bacterial sore throat gargle and I think it has actually reduced the severity of my man-flu this time around.

A while back I posted about my favourite pad thai in Sydney – which is at the noodle bar of the David Jones food court @ Market St in the city. A couple of people after that advised me to try Chat Thai so that’s where I went for lunch today – not the one in Haymarket but the sister store at Galleries Victoria:


Chat Thai’s main differences are they use little chicken pieces vs mince @ DJ’s, chives as a garnish instead of baby bok choy and the flavour is a little milder vs the DJ’s one. Portion sizes are very similar and both come with a wedge of lemon and half a kg of bean sprouts. Chat Thai’s Pad is $7.50 vs DJ’s $15.50 and having tasted both I have to say I still prefer the DJ’s version and I challenge all you Chat Thai lovers to give DJ’s a go and let me know what you think! Ultimately I just think their flavour combination works better. I have not tried any of the other Chat Thai dishes but the thai beef salad looked delicious!

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