Exams and bikes

Yes i’m still here for those of you still visiting after my recent inactivity! I have been quite busy the last 8 weeks or so – firstly covering for my colleague at work while he went on safari in Africa and the day that he got back I took 2 weeks annual leave to study for, and sit, two exams (Intellectual Property and Practice & Procedure). If I have passed those two that will leave one exam to go before I graduate – wooooooooohoooooooooo!

A lot of people dread exams but I quite like the whole routine of revising material, creating an exam preparation document, writing model exam answers and then finally getting to the exam venue early and counting down the time until we are told ‘it is now 1pm you may begin writing, good luck everybody!’


Both exams this semester were open book. I’m not fussed either way whether they are open or closed book; the open book exams just require more detailed answers!

For each subject I tend to do a thorough subject summary (approx 200 pages) and then a less detailed version for reference purposes (approx 60 pages) and that tends to serve me OK however we all learn in different ways so each to their own!

Results are due out about mid-October so watch this space!

I have also purchased a brand-spanking new road bike to replace my Cannondale Synapse. I ended up with a 2012 Supersix Evo Ultimate, and she’s a beauty. Matte black with red accents:


She is also ridiculously light, weighing in with pedals & bottle-cages at 5.3kg!

I only picked her up a day or two ago so not too many km’s ridden yet, but in comparison to the Synapse the Evo is a lot more responsive, much stiffer and almost as comfortable as the Synapse – so far so good! I will provide a more detailed ride report after i’ve ridden a few thousand km’s!

That’s about it for the moment – next month i’m down in Melbourne again for the Around the Bay in a Day ride (250km) and i’ve also signed up to do the 3 Peaks Challenge in March 2012 down in Falls Creek. If you’re thinking of doing either ride I can highly recommend them!

Thanks for stopping by…

3 Comments on “Exams and bikes

  1. Hi Nicholas. Just came across your Evo’s pic while surfing the web. She’s a beauty. Just curious as to what bottle cages you have on your ride. If you could kindly tell me that would be awesome. I’d like to put the same ones on my new Evo. Thanks! – Matt

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