The year that was

The new year is always a good time for reflection and also to think about upcoming goals/resolutions, but this post is all about the year that was and in particular how I am going with the goals I set in December 2010, also known as my 20 in 2. So without further ado, here goes:

1. Save a deposit and buy a place. Update: Still saving and still looking for the right place.

2. Finish my legal studies and be admitted as a solicitor. Update: I’m now doing my final subject, which means I finish that in March (hopefully!) followed by my compulsory Practical Legal Training (PLT) which should see me admitted later this year!

3. Volunteer at least once a month. Update: I volunteered once. Pathetic! More effort required…

4. Lower my cholesterol and keep it within the ‘normal’ range. Update: Cholesterol still high, lowering my dairy intake.

5. Think about becoming a father. Update: Still thinking!

6. Take the time to watch the sun rise or set at least once a month. Update: Done!

7. Ride 10,000km over a 12 month period. Update: Fell short – 7,100km logged on the GPS, probably 500km on the rollers so all up just over 7,500km. Will aim to break 10,000km this year.

8. Successfully complete the 3 peaks challenge. Update: Done! Stupidly signed up again for this year 🙂

9. Enrol in and successfully complete a culinary course. Update: Still on the to-do list. If you know of any good ones please let me know via the comment box below!

10. Have friends over and cook them a meal at least once a month. Update: So-so on this one – maybe once every two months!

11. Take a European or North American vacation. Update: On the list – maybe after I finish my studies.

12. Take at least 1 photo a day. Update: Hasn’t happened 😦

13. Take the Camera Craft 3 and Lighting workshops at the Australian Centre for Photography. Update: Camera Craft 3 is done! Lighting hopefully this year.

14. Take a public speaking course to help overcome my glossophobia. Update: Took the NIDA presenting with confidence course last month, but it will be a long time before I feel comfortable speaking in front of a large group of people.

15. Read 1 non law-related book per month. Update: Nope. More work to be done here.

16. Make a will. Update: On the to-do list.

17. Take a group family photo at least once per year. Update: So far so good.

18. Learn to dance (don’t laugh!). Update: Still on the to-do list.

19. Photograph a complete stranger once every two months. Update: Nope. More work to be done!

20. Try and be a bit more sociable. Update: Trying, but difficult.

So there you have it. Only 3 of 20 completed. Plenty of room for improvement! 🙂 What are your goals for 2012 and beyond?

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