Mum’s 60th Birthday Trip – Thailand

I think it is extremely important to celebrate life’s milestones and so we went to Thailand recently for Mum’s 60th Birthday.

Mum wanted to go somewhere where she could shop, but also relax on a few nice beaches, so we ended up flying to Bangkok for three nights to do the shopping side of things, and then down to Koh Samui for a week to relax at the beach.

Overall the holiday was a great experience (Mum said it was the best holiday she’s ever had :)) and I would definitely recommend Thailand as a holiday destination – the people are so welcoming, the food is delicious (just watch out for the chillies!), climate is great – and with the Australian dollar where it is, everything is relatively inexpensive!

In Koh Samui we stayed at Sandalwood Luxury Villas and if you’re looking for somehwere luxurious with great service close to Chaweng, look no further! The views from the hillside are breathtaking and the staff go out of their way to make you feel welcome. We would not hesitate to book and stay there again in future.

Overall it was a great holiday, you can view the entire slideshow here and a quick video below.

The main thing is that Mum had a great time and she was able to celebrate her 60th Birthday in style – Happy Birthday Mum!

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