20 in 2: Save a deposit and buy a place – done!

After many years renting with Meriton, (who put up the rent like clockwork and now want $650/week for a one bedroom unit that looks out onto another building!) managed to snap up this little beauty not too long ago and will be moving in on Saturday! It’s a 2 bedroom duplex (the top floor) in Bondi approx. 75sqm in size. Decided to buy because the gap between the rental payments and paying a mortgage was narrowing almost month by month, house prices have been stable for some time now, and we’ve just had 2 consecutive interest rate drops by the RBA!

If you are looking for a great conveyancing solicitor I cannot recommend Bill Henningham of Henningham Law in Riverview highly enough. He was my conveyancing lecturer a couple of years back and I thought if anyone would know their stuff it’s Bill and he did a fantastic job – thorough, professional, punctual and responsive – everything you want in a lawyer looking out for your interests. Bill made the whole buying process simple.

Now to start paying the bank back for the next 30 years…

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