Print your pictures!

One thing digital photography has allowed us to do is take literally thousands of pictures with both little cost and little effort. One downside to this is that we tend to print a lot less than we should. I’m the first to say that I don’t print enough – I would have been lucky to print off 100 photos last year. Maybe there’s something in that saying ‘buy film not megapixels’…hmm…

Looking at a photo printed at a local lab is completely different from looking at them on a computer screen. One thing I stumbled upon today which I thought was reasonably priced is this product from ixxi design. You upload anything up to 64 separate images and create collages that you hang on your wall:

It’s products like this that really get me motivated to actually PRINT off my pictures and get a great deal more enjoyment from them. The only problem is picking the pictures that I would want to put on the wall!

Not too much luck on the photography front the last couple of days but here are a few that I thought were OK:



Party Pants



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