The ones that got away – Sep/Oct 2012

I’ve had my new camera for just under a month now, and for every photo that makes it on to this site there are literally 50 or 100 that don’t. Here are some of my ‘near misses’ over the last month.

Too high contrast, slightly blurry, composition off

Surfer on the left eyes closed, composition slightly off (should have moved camera slightly left to balance both surfers equally)

This was a really funny scene. Couple buried their friend then left him there while they made out. I was too far away!

Loved this guy’s shirt. Thought I had a winner until I got home. Blurry. Argh!

Thought this surfer’s personality really shines in this picture but composition is poor – as they say if your picture isn’t good enough you’re not close enough!

This shot is OK but again the composition is just off – I should have taken a step to the right and a slight step backward to get his full body and face.

Another one that I thought was a winner until I got home. Had them both looking up at a skyscraper and pointing. Shot them from chest height without looking through the viewfinder. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!! Argh.

Blurry. Vertical line behind the couple distracting from picture. Not close enough.

Shadow in picture. Take two steps to the right and re-take the shot. Moment lost.

Interesting characters. Move around the other side and take a picture of their faces!

Another winner I though I had. Got home. Blurry. Again. Argh x3.

Composition. Not close enough.

Blurry. BLURRY!

As you can see from the above pics, there is a great deal of luck that comes into a good ‘street’ style photograph. Being in the right place at the right time but also having your camera settings correct and ready to go. Self-critique is an important part of photography and even though I’ve kicked myself a few dozen times for simple mistakes like those outlined above, I’m living and learning. Next time I will have a faster shutter speed, will take a few steps forward and to the right, will think more about the composition. Then I’ll be able to share it with the world 🙂

2 Comments on “The ones that got away – Sep/Oct 2012

    • Thanks! I agree with you that it’s an interesting photo, but I still feel like there is something missing? I want to see more of the chess board I think, and maybe change the height of the photo – more of a ‘top down’ point of view? It’s very subjective I know, but I’m glad you enjoyed it nonetheless!

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