Meet my cousin Dave



Mum and I went over and caught up with him and his extended family this afternoon at Twin Waters Resort. Dave has two beautiful young boys, Oska:



and Harper:



Originally we were going over there to have a swim at the pool in Twin Waters itself and then have a bite to eat, play some poker and the like. Once we got there though we all headed down to the nearest beach for a spot of fishing, and I was keen to get photos of Dave casting the net for bait:

Dave casting for small bait fish

Dave casting for small bait fish

Eventually though we all moved back to where the kids were and the afternoon ended up becoming almost an impromptu photo shoot of Dave and his two boys. His younger son Harper was learning to snorkel for the first time, it was a beautiful afternoon, Dave and the kids were comfortable having me around and so everything just kind of lined up and I’m glad that I was there to capture some otherwise private and intimate moments between a father and his sons.

It is afternoons like today that remind me why I really love photography – for the beautiful moments that it captures and the great memories that will be brought back time and again for years to come.

If you want to see the full slideshow click here.


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