My favourite photos of 2012

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of 2012.

Over the next couple of days I will be planning goals and resolutions for the year ahead, as well as reflecting on the year that was. As part of the latter I’ve gone through the 4000 odd photos taken with my new camera since September and refined them down to my 7 favourite photos (excluding family snaps which will always have special meaning to me). In no particular order they are:

My first visit to the beach

My first visit to the beach

^ Probably my favourite shot of 2012. Simple in composition and not following the ‘rule of thirds‘, I was just lucky to stumble upon the scene. I spoke with the Mum after the photo and it was indeed the bub’s first visit to the beach and I’m glad I captured it.

The Reader

The Reader

^ The only photo of mine so far to make it in to the Leica M9 Master Shots gallery. I love almost everything about it – the colours, the subject, his exposed belly and underwear, the stripey shirt and the book on the head. I also like the fact that there is no one else lying down on the grass behind him. If I would change one thing I would have recomposed up slightly to get more clearance above the buildings, but I’m just glad I was there that day to capture this!

Bench with a view

^ The first ‘street’ style photo that I was actually happy with – after 315 crappy photos. This pic is not particularly sharp, it has overexposed highlights (his clothes) and I’m cutting his feet off but I like the grittiness of it. I also like that the bridge falls almost perfectly in the reflection and thus you know the view that he is enjoying. It was pure luck that the bridge fell where it did.

I want the chip

I want the chip

^ Taken about ten metres from the shot above but on a completely different day, I like the movement of the birds and the framing.

Click click click

^ I like this shot because there is so much going on. First and foremost are the tourists dressed as if they’re going out to a fine restaurant while you’ve got the gentleman left in his hawaiian t-shirt and people far right in shorts and no shoes. They are all looking toward the beach with cameras outstretched and it was just luck that they were all taking pictures at the same time and in different directions. Luck again that there is a woman – centre – with an umbrella dividing them walking right while you have the gentleman far left looking away (toward his wife who was approaching if I remember correctly). It’s not a very aesthetically pleasing image, just interesting.

Fat ties are IN!

^ Again just by pure chance I happened to be in this area of Bondi Beach. I saw these two characters approaching and didn’t even have my camera in hand so I quickly scrambled in my bag and fired off two frames. I love the colours, poses and expressions – as well as the fat tie of course! I don’t like the guy in between them but what can you do in a split second?

Green transport

^ The only photo I like that doesn’t contain people. Love the contrasting colours, simple composition and underlying meaning of the image.


So there you have it, 7 images out of 4000 or a roughly 0.18% hit rate. For every 500 photos I take there is approximately ONE that I’m happy to call one of my favourites. For professional photographers I believe the hit rate is something like 1 in 100 so I’ve still got a long way to go. Regardless of my hit rate, each day I’m able to get outside and take my camera with me to capture moments in time I’m happy 🙂

Many times when I’ve been looking at photos I’ve taken – such as ‘My first visit to the beach’ and the series that I took of my cousin Dave and his kids recently, I wonder what would have happened if I wasn’t there. It’s like the tree falling in the woods – of course the events still happen but there is no record of them. How many special events happen each and every day that never get recorded? Trillions. I find that quite sad, but I’m glad that I’m out there every chance that I get trying to capture those special moments that will never be repeated, and the more mobile phones, SLRs and point and shoots that are out there in hands the better! Maybe I’m just thinking too much… I am acutely aware that our time here is limited – some more limited than others – and the important role that photos play in our memories, our emotions and our lives. They are our picture book of life. Each photo is a new page.


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