It all looks different

Don’t freak out, I’ve simply changed WordPress themes, moving from Anthem to Photographer.

old website

old website

I changed because images were resized automatically under Anthem, and if you weren’t running a super high-resolution screen and able to view the images at their native 1200px width, they were blurry. Now the website is fixed width and the images are sharper. For those of you that do run super high-res screens there will be a bit of white space either side of the centre column, but it was a trade-off I was prepared to make so peeps like me on 13″ MacBook screens had sharper images! I’ve also tried to make the look and feel as close to the old site as possible, because I really liked the clean, minimalist feel that Anthem had.

You can still click any image for the full res version 🙂

Anyway, I hope you like the changes and if you have any comments or issues, drop me a note.

new website

new website

5 Comments on “It all looks different

    • I think we all just need a visual refresh every now and then. I like the Nishita theme that you’re using – particularly the panoramic header image – but there are certainly similarities between Anthem, Photographer, Nishita and many others tailored toward photographers/showcasing images – it just comes down to personal preference and small differences here and there! 🙂

      • So true. I’ve been considering a change for a while. Nishita is good but not quite there. I’ve just moved to the Ryu theme. I lose the header image but the individual images are sharper.

      • It looks GREAT! I was in two minds between Ryu and Photographer. I really like the hidden menu on the Ryu theme that just expands out – and the images are super sharp – I like it! 😉

      • Thanks. I saw another photography blog using it today and that was enough for me. And I’ve worked out how to keep my header image so I’m happy. The Photographer theme you’re using is very good too!

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