About me

G’day and thanks for visiting,

I’m Nicholas, a criminal lawyer currently assisting disadvantaged Indigenous Australians in the Central West of New South Wales. I absolutely love what I do because I get to help people through some of the toughest times of their lives every single day. 🙂

I live by the motto “grow old, but never grow up” because I don’t believe things suddenly stop being enjoyable once you reach adulthood.

I am not very creative (I can’t sing, dance or draw) but I enjoy expressing myself through street photography and love the spontaneity and humour of everyday life as it unfolds in front of me.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking for friends and family. You can find some of my favourite recipes here.

Through this blog I just share the day to day happenings of my life with anyone and everyone, in the hope that you’ll find parts of it funny, interesting, sad, educational or simply an enjoyable read.

I love hearing from visitors, so feel free to drop me a line – I don’t bite. If you want to automatically receive new blog posts just click the Follow button in the bottom-right!

Thanks for stopping by!


10 Comments on “About me

  1. Hi Nicholas

    I was the guy who came up with the idea for the big meeting mug.

    Glad you liked it, we had fun making it/writing it.


    • Hamish,
      If you have come up with anything else as funny recently – post it through! As i said on the post – forget the sales material, the coffee mug & box was gold! Good enough to share with the world at large (i hope you don’t mind my effort at scanning it in)!

  2. Hi Nicholas,

    How old were you when you started studying law? Keen to hear, as am weighing it myself.


    • G’day Neo,
      I was around 21-22 when I started studying law. Because I was working full time I only took 1-2 subjects per semester, which is why it took me 7-8 years to finish. If you are worried about the age you’ll be upon completion you can always bump that up to 3-4 subjects per semester, but if you’re also working full time this will leave you little time for anything else in life! 🙂
      If you’ve got any other questions I’m happy to answer them!

  3. Hi Nicholas,
    I came across your post as I have been doing some research into the LPAB course. From what i’ve heard, it is extremely challenging and the failure rate is high. I am curious to know roughly how many hours per week did you spend on each subject? Would it really be possible to do 3 subjects as they state on the LPAB website whilst working full time?

    • Hi Dee,
      Thank you for your message.
      The failure rate is not too bad these days and varies depending on subject. For semester 1, 2014 the failure rate across all subjects was 10.62%.
      If you want to do well academically, I recommend a minimum of 10hrs a week per subject. So it would be possible to do 3 subjects a semester and work full-time, but you would be doing very little else besides those two things!
      Ultimately it is up to you how many subjects you can handle. I would advise that you start with a single subject, see how you find the workload and then increase to more if you feel comfortable.
      Hope that helps!

      • Hi Nick,
        Thanks for responding so quickly. I’ll see how I go. I am a distant student so probably need to put in even more hours! That said, I have been to university and have a degree so I should be disciplined enough to make sure I am on top of things!
        Thanks again

  4. Hello! Liking your blog. I am a cyclist/runner too and also a lawyer. I’m aiming for 3 Peaks next year and your training tips were helpful!

    • Thanks Nat! I’m also planning on having another crack at the 3 Peaks next year. Did you see they just announced a ‘3 Peaks’ in Tassie, around Cradle Mountain?! Should be epic! 🙂

  5. Great blog… great to see another past LPABer endorsing such a great way to study law… I too took 7 1/2 years to complete it, being a working single mum of 2 boys when I started, and a married mother of 4 boys (and a whole lot crazier) when I finished in 2013! My oldest son is currently in his second semester and I came across your blog when helping my second son get his application accross the line 😀. Congrats on your journey and all the best.

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