I walk past a pet shop every day…

…and normally it’s the people lined up against the glass like this: 🙂


Two firsts today! Went out to Eastern Creek Raceway (now known as Sydney Motorsport Park) to drive a Formula Ford – kind of a small open-wheeled race car. Weather was perfect and the cars certainly have a great power to weight ratio. If you’re looking for all out fun though, I don’t think you can go past go-karts for that close-quarter racing feel. If…

Sydney – the windy city

For tonight at least, with winds over 100km/h hitting the city. Not motivated to study tonight so i’m sitting here listening to some of my favourite songs at the moment (in no particular order): Silversun Pickups – Substitution. Great song & video clip. Rudimental featuring John Newman – Feel the Love. If this doesn’t make you want to get up and move there’s something wrong….

My wallpaper

Time for something a little more light-hearted. This is the image that I’ve used as my wallpaper for a couple of years now. I used to change wallpaper on a regular basis but this one always brings a smile to my face each time I look at them 🙂 Click here to download the full size version. Image courtesy of ~teocava on deviantART.

Isn’t it amazing

That just over 100 years ago, in 1903, the Wright brothers made the first successful powered flight lasting a distance of 37 metres and today we can send a spacecraft more than 50 million kilometres and land it safely on Mars? That just blows my mind. Congratulations NASA on successfully landing the Curiosity rover on the red planet – below is one of the first…

I Graduated!

It has been many years in the making but I finally had my graduation on Friday night in the Great Hall at the University of Sydney, a beautiful building some 150 years old. The Great Hall really did help give the ceremony a sense of occasion. My Grandmother, Mother and Father all flew down from Queensland for the ceremony, and I’m glad they were there to see me graduate. For anyone considering…

Mr. Wu

I’m the youngest of two brothers and many years ago when I was a little trouble-maker we lived in Beijing, China for a few months while my dad worked with Qantas. The HR Manager for Qantas at that time was a gentleman by the name of Mr. Wu. China’s one-child policy had only recently come into force and Mr. Wu and his wife had recently…


Tourism Australia have done a phenomenal job on the new TV campaign and the song “It’s like love” by Dewayne Everettsmith that features is one of the most beautiful i’ve heard in a long time.

My favourite web videos

Over the years i’ve seen some very touching videos and I just thought i’d share some of my favourites. If you’ve still got dry eyes at the end of these then you’re tougher than me. In no particular order… and one for a few laughs 🙂