The ones that got away – June 2013

Didn’t take many photos the second half of June – weather has been absolutely abysmal here in Sydney recently! Instagram pics:

Swim Squad

Air temp was about 11 degrees celsius when these brave peeps plunged into the water just after sunrise at Manly on Sunday. I was happy staying on dry land 🙂

Flipping out

Went back down to Bondi for about an hour this evening. Caught a glimpse of last light which you’ll see in pic #3, and just stumbled upon this young guy making backflips look easy 😉 Although not the most aesthetically pleasing photo, this ^ image I just find interesting. I like the way the rails frame the scene – particularly the vertical divider 1/3…

Tough guy

It’s hard to look tough when you’re carrying a little dog 😉

The ones that got away – May 2013

I’ll also start including some of my favourite instagram shots for the month, with the first group below:

Beach Camouflage

I forgot to mention yesterday that I viewed an incredibly inspiring video documenting a young man by the name of Christopher Aiff who, because of numerous tumours throughout his body, has been advised that he has between 6 months and 2 years left to live. He is 21 years old. If you have a spare 10 minutes I would urge you to watch it….

Run & stretch

Great story with this guy in the ‘onesie’ above ^. Him and a friend are trying to help people get through depression. They’ve set up a not-for-profit called ‘One wave is all it takes’ because literally getting people out there learning to surf and catching even a single wave will get their minds to a happier place. Such a great cause and so selfless. Find…


Haven’t taken many photos this week – a lot happening personally…