Alf, meet Santa

Further to my post about not taking yourself too seriously, many years ago I was given a little stuffed Alf that could talk (no more unfortunately, his voice box was ripped out!). You know the Alf i’m talking about, the alien on TV that liked to eat cats:

Alf now lives up in Queensland with Mum (he likes the warmer climate ;)). Every year when I go up for Christmas I buy him an outfit for his present (like the elf outfit above). In addition, every year since 2003 I’ve taken him to the local shopping centre to get his photo taken with Santa. Why? Partly because of the looks that I get from all the shoppers as I walk through with a ridiculously dressed little alien, partly from the look that Santa gives me when he realises that this is no ordinary child he’ll be getting his photo with, but mainly just for the FUN of it. 🙂

He’s usually dressed in his little Santa outfit for the occasion, but I think he looked his best in 2009 when dressed as a Christmas tree! I’m not sure where the gatecrashers came from in 2005, and Santa didn’t look at the camera in 2007 😦

Don’t take yourself too seriously

I think, on the whole, Australians (Aussies) are pretty laid back and good at not taking themselves too seriously – and 1. That’s a great trait to have, and 2. It’s important to be able to laugh at yourself occasionally. Take this example that I stumbled across today from the Australian professional cycling team Orica-Greenedge:

Isn’t it great??? I must have watched it 5 or 10 times and just bopped along – I think it really embodies that laid back, not-too-serious attitude that Aussies are known for. 🙂

In the same spirit, here is a photo of Mum & I from a few years back when we attended a French themed party of a family friend. I think Mum looked great as Marcel Marceau and me…well… no jokes about popping the cork please 😛