Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Went out to the Sydney Royal Easter Show again this year, and it’s just as enjoyable as ever! When I was younger I used to go for the showbags and the rides, but these days I find myself interested in the food (strawberries w/ cream & ice cream, $2 coon toasted cheese sandwiches, country womens association scones fresh from the oven) and the animals. The show is a great day out, and on Good Friday or Easter Sunday when all the shops and supermarkets are closed, what better way to spend the day?

I try to beat the crowds by getting there when the gates open (around 9am) and hitting the busiest parts first – the food & dairy pavillion, the arts & crafts hall, the animal areas etc… and then relax at lunchtime in the main arena before coming home early afternoon.

Also this year I had to try the new super-slide that just came over from Italy. We’re all big kids at heart 🙂

Happy Easter!


Went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show yesterday – like to go every couple of years and had a great time – particularly with the animals! Favourite sections are the Woolworths fresh food dome where you can try all sorts of treats and buy yourself a $2 coon toasted cheese sandwich (mmmm) and also get some fresh strawberries with cream & ice cream (mmmmmmmmmmm) and the animal sheds where you can get up close to cuties like that shown above!

Got my exam results back last week – pass with merit (second highest category) for Legal Ethics and pass with distinction (highest category) for Family Law so I was pretty happy as you can imagine! I have enrolled in Practice & Procedure (compulsory) and Intellectual Property (elective) this semester leaving only Jurisprudence remaining for next semester! Goodbye $1200 on enrolment fees and $400 on textbooks!

Not much else happening at the moment – Camera Craft 3 starts this Thursday and i’m looking forward to expanding my (limited) photographic knowledge.

I have managed to raise $150 so far for The Smith Family as part of my Around the Bay in a Day pledge to raise $250 so that they can help disadvantaged Australian children get the most out of their education. If you are feeling generous you can sponsor me here.

Bootcamp finished last week and I’m up in the air as to whether or not i’ll sign back up for another 12 sessions (1 month). I did find it beneficial but the cost is $210 or roughly $20 per hour-long session. When you look at it in those terms it is more expensive than a gym membership so at this stage I think I will stick with my regular morning cycling rides and throw in the occasional swim or run and put the $210 to good use elsewhere!

I swear exercise can cure depression…

…if only temporarily at least. Went out for the usual Saturday morning ride up to Church Point – finally had some nice weather in Sydney after what has seemed like months of rain. So beautiful up that part of Sydney, especially around McCarrs Creek.  After any vigorous exercise I always feel upbeat and happy about life. Must be all those endorphins floating around. When I see all these people walking around with glum looks on their faces I just feel like saying to them ‘go for a run!’ or ‘take your kids to a park and kick a ball around!’. I know if I don’t exercise for a couple of days my mood definitely starts to change for the worse and all I think about is my next ‘fix’ as it were.

After the 3 peaks challenge my cycling has slowed down somewhat and i’m now doing 3-4 days per week instead of 4-5 days per week.

I’m not a big fan of online one-day sales promotions like cudo and stardeals mainly because the subject matter of most of the deals seems to be oriented towards the fairer sex (i.e. facials, massages and the like) but the other day I saw a great ‘stardeal’ for a bootcamp. 12 sessions (3 sessions a week for four weeks) for $39 with a free t-shirt! I couldn’t resist so I signed up. Just finished the second week and i’ve got to say it’s been a struggle. Although my cardio fitness is OK I can’t run to save myself and quite a few of the bootcamp sessions involve lengthy runs (generally carrying a weight or holding it above your head) and so i’m often dreaming of the bike while pounding the pavement. We refer to our instructors as ‘Sarge!’ or ‘Corporal!’ and yes they do dish out the punishment.

All in all it’s an enjoyable experience and open to anyone of any fitness level – they just put you in different groups and adjust the number of sit-ups/push-ups/squats etc… accordingly. We meet Mon/Wed/Fri for 1hr at a time and each day is designed to complement the last – so one day might be cardio, the next upper body muscle-groups and the following lower body muscle-groups. The stardeal was with ‘The Original Bootcamp’ and they have locations all over the place. If you’re thinking of giving it a go I recommend them. The group is about 30 people in size so you’re not going through the pain alone!

I have signed up for Camera Craft 3 at the Australian Centre for Photography in the hope of improving my photography once again and also exploring other genres. It is 3 hours per week for 10 weeks beginning at the end of April so i’ll let you know how that goes. I think what I enjoy the most is everyone being given the same brief and then looking at the variety of pictures based on each individual interpretation and creativity. Anyone new to digital photography or if you’ve just bought your first DSLR I would highly recommend doing a course like Camera Craft 1 to really take it off Auto, learn about the relationship between aperture, ISO and shutter speed, white balance etc… At the end of the day though nothing improves your photography like taking more photos and that’s something that I need to be doing – taking my camera with me everywhere I go!

Easter is fast approaching. Thinking of going to the Sydney Royal Easter Show this year as haven’t been now for a couple of years and I really enjoy the day out – even if I no longer go home with half a dozen showbags. Funny how you slowly move from the rides and showbags to more ‘grown-up’ things like the dairy pavilion/food hall, wood chopping and the like.

Entries open to the general public on Monday for this years’ Around the Bay in a Day ride down in Melbourne. Had such a good time last year that i’m looking forward to the ride again this year. Any excuse to get down to Melbourne for the weekend is a good excuse. Be good to catch up with Shane again and maybe do an impromptu shoot in the Melbourne CBD.

Exam results still two weeks away… Ran into one of the legal ethics lecturers on the train the other morning and joked about hopefully not seeing him again next semester… will just have to wait and see! Smile