Happy Australia Day!

…and i’m now officially a world record holder (along with 2067 other Aussies who participated in the havaianas thong challenge at Bondi Beach)! Last year Bondi was beaten by Cottesloe beach in Western Australia but this year we got our own back and beat them by just over 100 people to set a new World Record!! Wooooohooooooooooooo!

Got to Bondi around 10:30am and visibility was down to about 20m and for a period of time the beach was closed:


But it did clear up enough to attempt the record about 1hr past the scheduled time:


Water was warm, everyone was in good spirits and my little GoPro camera captured some of the action (slideshow here). All 2068 of us went in to the water and joined up to form a big letter ‘H’.


All in all a fantastic way to spend Australia Day and a good reminder that we are very lucky to live in the best country on Earth! What could be more Australian than floating on a giant thong at Bondi Beach? (although I am missing the green zinc on my face) Happy Australia Day!


My first century since October

In km on the bike that is! Yep i’m kicking my butt in to gear ahead of the 3 peaks challenge in March – the actual ride itself is now only about 6 weeks away and I don’t really want it to be a struggle-fest on the day so I need to get many, many more km’s in the legs so that I can ride the 235km and not feel completely wasted at the end of it… So I did 150km on Saturday followed by 90km on Sunday – just under 9hrs in the saddle over 2 days which isn’t bad. I will try to make that a regular weekly ritual and combine it with more hill rides during the week and hopefully that will be enough to get me over the line on the day (along with the mountain of food i’ll be consuming during the ride!).

Australia Day tomorrow – off again to Bondi Beach to compete in the annual Havaianas Thong Challenge! Should have some good pictures to post up tomorrow afternoon of the event and the thousands of people who are going to flock to Bondi!

Happy Australia Day!

Spent most of the day down at Bondi Beach (starting at sunrise however the cloud cover prevented the taking of any beautiful shots, collected my thong (see pic below) to compete in the havaianas thong challenge.


Went back just before lunch where we all lined up on the beach to be counted before entering the water with our giant thongs and all joining up to form a human chain to try and break the world record (set at Bondi Beach in 2009!).


But – even though we surpassed the 2009 world record by an amazing 300 people (with 1262 of us!), we were beaten by Cottlesloe Beach in Western Australia who had a whopping 1301! Congratulations WA but hopefully we’ll take the title back next year!

This evening went in to Darling Harbour to watch the Australia Day fireworks and i’ve got to say they were quite possibly the best fireworks i’ve ever seen – even surpassing Sydney’s NYE fireworks display – and that’s saying a lot!

Hope everyone else enjoyed their day as much as I did and we are all extremely lucky to live in this beautiful country. Happy Australia Day!