I’m alive

Here’s a flattering, expressionless photo of me (still on drugs) about an hour after surgery! 😛 Surgery went well – plate and screws are out and I’ve got a sling temporarily to minimise the movement, at least over the next couple of days. Looking forward to getting back on the bike and doing some exercise!


Surgery tomorrow

So there may not be many posts for a few days! It is to remove the plate and screws that helped my collarbone heal:

I told the surgeon not to kill me.

“I haven’t lost a patient yet” he says, before adding “for elective surgery“.

Less Fat

Less Fat.

That was the summary the doctor scribbled on my annual blood test results. Going in for my annual check-up I didn’t think i’d have any problems so the high cholesterol results were a bit of a surprise. I thought that my diet Less Fat was reasonably good – avoiding fast-food outlets and having a salad for lunch most days but obviously I am having too much saturated fat – most likely through full-cream milk & ice cream which i’m partial to – so starting from today i’m on a mission to lower my cholesterol from 6.5 to <5.4 – i.e. back within the normal range! I will try to list my daily diet and in a couple of weeks get another blood test to check my cholesterol level again – hopefully with better results!