A few from the first ‘roll’ of film

It doesn’t take film of course, but you are certainly more deliberate, and I would emphasise that word, deliberate, when you are shooting with a rangefinder as compared to a DSLR. Having to focus manually really slows down your ability to fire off frame after frame and that is one thing I like about it – it takes you back to your film days where you had 24 or 36 exposures per roll – and because film was expensive to buy and develop you couldn’t afford to just shoot hundreds of frames per day. You took your time with each shot and carefully thought about composition and you do that with a rangefinder also because you are almost forced to. It takes time to focus on the subject (unless you’re zone focusing).

I went down to Bondi Beach yesterday afternoon for about an hour and took a couple of shots – here are some that I was reasonably happy with (there were many more that were completely out of focus!).

Severe punishment

Beach cruiser

Why hello there

Waiting for the swell



If you want to learn more about rangefinder photography and be inspired by other photographers, here are a few sites that I have come across on my travels: