Exhausted bubbles


Inside the bubble



Smile for peace

This guy is often in the Sydney CBD during busy periods. He wanders around carrying this sign, waves to cars and pedestrians going past and does it all with a permanent smile on his face! It’s contagious! 🙂 He reminds me of Mister Miyagi from the original Karate Kid!

Smile for peace

Bondi Pool

Bondi mural

I was a little hesitant putting this last shot in, but I think it’s fun and I like it so that’s all that matters!

Left behind

Communication and Compassion

Communication and compassion

Argyle Glass

Nice legs

Bond villain

Looking for a place to call my own

Looking for a place to call my own

The morning after the night before

The morning after the night before


Forget “The Thinker”

Let me present to you…

The Reader

Grumpy old men


Polka dots

Waiting for a spot



Happy Halloween!


Freddie Mum

Danger! Masked Trains

A few from the last couple of days. I don’t normally take pictures on the train but I liked the late afternoon light today!





Come on in…

Australians (Aussies) don’t really celebrate Halloween but on a walk today from Bondi to the Sydney CBD I passed a few places that were preparing for trick or treaters…

Come on in

Trick or treat?

Let’s go for a ride

and out the front of the Hyde Park War Memorial were some RSL members in full dress:


Spit & polish