Great news!

I applied for the Master of Laws (LLM) program at the University of Sydney late last year for semester 2 (beginning this July). I got formal notification on Wednesday that I’ve been accepted into the program! ūüėÄ


As many of you are aware I never completed¬†high school,¬†and last year graduated from¬†the LPAB’s Diploma in Law¬†course (which I highly recommend).¬†One of the great things about the Diploma in Law course, apart from¬†its flexible means of entry into the legal profession, is its close relationship¬†with the University of Sydney.

The University of Sydney delivers the curriculum for the Diploma in Law course and, as an added benefit, provides the ability for students who complete the course to apply to be admitted into the LLM course. Admission is not automatic and only those¬†students with a¬†“very good record”¬†will be considered for acceptance.

The LLM program at the University of Sydney is arguably the most highly regarded in the country, so I can’t wait to begin!

I chose the LLM program instead of a specialisation such as Master of Criminology (MCRIM)¬†or Master of Health Law (MHL)¬†because I would rather learn a wider range of topics (jack of all trades, master of none I guess you could say…).

The University of Sydney offers more than 150 different units of study in their postgraduate law program and I get to choose 8 as part of the LLM program. So far the following units are on my wish-list:

  • Forensic Psychology
  • Mediation – Skills & Theory
  • Death Law
  • Cybercrime (would be delivered by UNSW)
  • Young People, Crime & the Law
  • Health Care & Professional Liability
  • Criminal Liability
  • Surveillance Security & Democracy (would be delivered by UNSW)

I decided to undertake¬†the LLM now whilst I’m still in habit of studying on a regular basis and don’t have much of a social life, instead of a few years down the line when studying might be the last thing I want to do!

The LLM at the University of Sydney is 1 year full-time, or 2 years part-time and costs $30,480 (as of writing) for domestic fee paying students.

I start late July! ūüôā