Face Your Fears!

This time last year while I was about 65km through a 100km mountain-bike race in beautiful St. Albans just north of Sydney, I broke my collarbone in a crash:


It was months before I was able to get almost all movement back in my right-arm and there are long-term problems like the area around the plate having lost feeling (i.e. constantly numb) but 12 months later I feel almost as good as new!

There was a little trepidation entering the same race this year knowing how long it took to recover from the accident, but it is just one of those things you need to do – if I hadn’t entered the race this year and finished it, I would forever be wondering why I fell and second-guessing myself on the bike. Once I got past the spot where I had fallen the year before, I felt a huge sense of relief from that point on and was really able to enjoy the last 35km of the race – including the kayak bridge at the 70km mark!