Christmas has come early

This year has just flown by…

Christmas has come early

Spread eagle

As always click on an image for the original (sharp) version!

Spread eagle

Movember – brought to you by ‘Got Milk?’




When I grow up I want to be a break dancer

Going for a walk

Taken today on a wander around the CBD and Bondi. Click for full size versions.

Going for a walk

The magician

The magician and his assistant

Scram! It’s the cops!

Hola amigo!

The lawnmower

A rose for you

Pole dancer

Out like a light

Out like a light

Fuzzy feet

Chinese Lanterns


Watch out for the crack!

A bench with a view

A couple from a hot (30 degree) day here in Sydney today:

Bench with a view

Too small to walk

Rocks Market